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Help Jack survive his voyage of self-discovery!

Mayhem in Single Valley is the story of Jack, a local troublemaker who makes a series of earth-shattering discoveries on the day he is supposed to leave home for a new life in the city.

Mayhem in Single Valley is a thoughtful top-down action adventure. Its focus on family and everyday struggles mixed with its combat and puzzles provides an action-packed but emotional gameplay experience.

Single Valley is a microcosm of everyday life but with our fears and paranoia dialled up to eleven. Imagine a town where the craziest news stories happen regularly, where the odds of getting struck by lightning or attacked by misinformed townsfolk are never in your favour, and you are one step closer to envisioning life in Single Valley.


  • An in-depth story with weird and wonderful fleshed-out characters.
  • Lots of level-up items, Easter eggs, and mini games.
  • Combine different food types, antidotes, and poisons to escape and/or manipulate crazed wildlife and bosses.
  • Pull, push, drag, and generally fling items about your environment to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.
  • Throw in any direction as you run for your life.
  • Portable cassette player based soundtrack. You decide what music you'd like to accompany your battles.
  • The river has a current, anything that falls in will float down stream.
  • Crazed animals will chase you between levels. Shake them off if you want to survive.
  • Everything is modular, use NPCs as ammo, e.g. throw a fish enemy to distract a hungry bear.
  • Dynamic lighting and shadows... are those poisoned rats' eyes I see glowing in the dark.
  • Enemies and characters have multiple desires and fears. Squirrels are afraid of bears. Wake a bear, get him to chase you, to clear an escape route of nutty critters.
  • Lots of secret stuff I can't speak about right now : )

Prologue Demo

Mayhem in Single Valley: Prologue is 1hr+ spoiler free slice of the full game. Enjoy!


MSV_Prologue_V4_0_08.zip 480 MB

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Would you consider putting this game on the AtarI VCS? It's a Linux based console that released in 2021. A game like this would standout and would sell on the VCS I think!

Thanks for the info. I will look into whether this would be possible or not : 

If you join the Discord, look for Davpa, he handles all game submissions. The community is very vocal if you want to ask others inputs. 


is this a full game if not how many hours of playtime can u get with this

The prologue available here is over an hour or so. The full game on Steam is about 6 to 8 or more hours depending on your play style.

Is the full version going to be available to purchase on Itch.io as well, or is this Steam only?


Sorry for the late reply, usually pretty quiet here. Steam only but I can enquire with our publisher if that may ever change. - b 

Why all the deleted posts?

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I kind of forget now - but I think the comments were in relation to the prototype demo for Mayhem I had posted here a few years back. So I may have removed them as they were no longer relevant to the full production version of the game and the new demo, and therefore they were confusing. Some may have been straight up spam too.


It's more than slightly disturbing to see all those 'deleted comments'. Whatever happened there I'm sorry you had to weather it.

This looks interesting. I haven't played a game like this before, but from the screenshots and description I'm considering.


why is everybody's stuff deleted instead of "CodeEagle"

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hola soy dueño de una tienda de video juegos como itch.io me intereso tu juego y quiera ponerlo en mi tienda la tienda anda en desarrollo si te interesa escribe a codeagle@outlook.es

Please reach out to our publisher tinyBuild with any distribution/sales site requests. Thanks b