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Jack is a videogame character... only he doesn't know it yet. Help Jack survive his voyage of self-discovery!

Mayhem in Single Valley is the story of Jack, a local troublemaker who makes series earth-shattering discoveries on the day he is supposed to leave home to for art college. Jack's adventure begins in a semi-realistic version of everyday life but unfolds into a humorous and philosophical examination of the interplay between The Player, Jack, and the game's creators.


This prototype was created during development without a dedicated team. Recently Mayhem in Single Valley moved to full production and this time with a talented team of artists and coders :  ) We are building the full version from the ground up with an official demo coming soon. Please follow our devlog for all the latest news and updates. Happy gaming - Brian : )


  • An in-depth story with weird and wonderful fleshed-out characters.
  • Dynamic context-based conversations and inner monologues.
  • Lots of level-up items, modes of transport, and mini games.
  • Combine different food types, antidotes, and poisons to escape and/or manipulate crazed wildlife and bosses.
  • Combine, use, equip, items. But beware! Searching through your knapsack leaves you vulnerable to attack.
  • Pull, push, drag, and generally fling items about your environment to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.
  • Manage your medication or your world will become distorted and you will die!
  • Walkman based soundtrack. You decide what music you'd like to accompany your battles. Different tracks boost different players abilities.
  • Unique 2D lighting that transitions between morning, evening, and night, changing the look and feel of each environment.
  • Lots of Abrams-esque secret stuff I can't speak about right now : )

Free Soundtrack EP


Mayhem in Single Valley: Demo Windows (v1.2.6) 49 MB
Mayhem in Single Valley: Demo Mac (v1.2.6) 56 MB
Mayhem in Single Valley: Demo Linux (v1.2.6) 53 MB

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I really enjoy this game and everyone should check it out the developer is great!

Thank you for your kind words - great let's play by the way!

Hello! I am publisher. How can I contact you?

Hi FE, I have replied to the e-mail you sent. Thank you for your interest. - b