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Help Jack survive his voyage of self-discovery!

Mayhem in Single Valley is the story of Jack, a local troublemaker who makes series earth-shattering discoveries on the day he is supposed to leave home for a new life in the city.

Mayhem in Single Valley is a thoughtful top-down action adventure. Its focus on family, friendship, and everyday struggles, mixed with its combat, mysteries, puzzles, and meta-fiction ponderings, provides an action-packed, humorous, and emotional gameplay experience.

Single Valley is a microcosm of everyday life but with our fears and paranoia dialled up to eleven. Imagine a town where the craziest news stories happen regularly, where the odds of getting struck by lightning or attacked by misinformed townsfolk are never in your favour, and you are one step closer to envisioning life in Single Valley.


Mayhem in Single Valley moved to full production in 2018 and is scheduled for release Q3 2019. We have built the full version from the ground up . Please follow our devlog for all the latest news and updates. Happy gaming - Brian : )


  • An in-depth story with weird and wonderful fleshed-out characters.
  • Dynamic context-based conversations and inner monologues.
  • Lots of level-up items and mini games.
  • Combine different food types, antidotes, and poisons to escape and/or manipulate crazed wildlife and bosses.
  • Combine, use, equip, items. But beware! Searching through your knapsack leaves you vulnerable to attack.
  • Pull, push, drag, and generally fling items about your environment to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.
  • Portable cassette player based soundtrack. You decide what music you'd like to accompany your battles.
  • Lots of JJ Abrams-esque secret stuff I can't speak about right now : )

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