Publishing with tinyBuild and a Brand New Demo!

Sorry we disappeared for so long! We never stopped working on our game and a lot has happened behind the scenes. Our main news it that we teamed up with publisher tinyBuild, known for game great indie titles like Speed Runners and Hello Neighbor. 

This partnership allows us to further develop Mayhem in Single Valley. Since we last posted there has been a huge number of improvements. The game now has a 3D perspective, a beautiful new animation and art style, characters have goals and desires run by AI, we've added full controller support, localization, amongst other features we think you'll appreciate. 

We've also released a 1hr+ demo that you can download here on so you can see for yourselves how the game has evolved. Check it out and post your feedback here. We are still a number of months away from completion and continually fine tuning gameplay, so your opinion matters and will help us create the best experience possible. Happy gaming - Brian

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May 18, 2020

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