Mayhem In Single Valley Demo Version 1.1.9 Now Live! Autosave and more : )

MSV has nearly reached 2k views and 450 plays on Game Jolt. The demo now autosaves so any surprise deaths won't impact your hard work. Some annoying bugs squashed too : )


  • The demo now AutoSaves when new quests are activated and after more involved objectives are completed.
  • Clauses added to restrict opening menus opening during in game animation sequences, which caused buggy behavior.
  • Minor performance tweaks and added new story clauses.
  • Beating opening dream game makes getting out of bed a lot easier (more bonuses will be added for full game).


  • Bug that stopped player from entering doors after dad beer quest fixed.
  • Saving/loading while carrying Baby Bro player speed fixed.
  • Audio not starting from correct position on load fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes and code optimizations.


Mayhem In Single Valley: Demo Windows (v1.1.9) 49 MB
May 18, 2017
Mayhem In Single Valley: Demo Mac (v1.1.9) 56 MB
May 18, 2017
Mayhem In Single Valley: Demo Linux (v1.1.9) 53 MB
May 18, 2017

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