Mayhem In Single Valley Demo Version 1.2.2 Now Live!

Thanks for all the feedback, let's play, etc. so far. I plan to update the game page with lot's more info on the game's special features very soon. I will also post more details on where the game is at in terms of moving to full production.  I'm also currently working on a major update to an older game I created.  Still a solo dev - so pretty busy as you can imagine.

Happy gaming - b

  • Added animating sprite hint to find passport objective.


  • Fixed bug where you could not pick up savings if bedroom wardrobe is in contact with objects such a crumpled soda can.
  • Fixed bug where game hints failed to display in opening minigame if starting using the continue button when no saves have been created.
  • Save files now go the local app directory to avoid using old save files in new builds, which can cause issues if updates contain new features etc.. 
  • Fixed bug where quest was not activated if you interacted with treehouse window quickly after the treehouse cinematic.


Mayhem In Single Valley: Demo Windows (v1.2.2) 49 MB
May 26, 2017
Mayhem In Single Valley: Demo Mac (v1.2.2) 56 MB
May 26, 2017
Mayhem In Single Valley: Demo Linux (v1.2.2) 53 MB
May 26, 2017

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