Mayhem In Single Valley Demo Version 1.2.4 Now Live! : )

I've added a new return to checkpoint feature so there is less menu selecting and more in game action. Please let me know what you guys think? I'm still working hard and alone  to get this project off the ground  and to full production but I'm facing many challenges with regard to securing funding. I will keep you guys posted regardless. Thanks for all your input on the prototype so far - it's allowed me to improve my game and up my game :  )


  • Added load from previous checkpoint option.
  • Game auto loads from checkpoints instead of returning to main menu after dying.


  • Added lots of safety clauses to stabilize menus especially for loading and saving scenarios.
  • Fixed broken spider mini quest that I accidentally broke in the last update, oops!
  • Stabilized the visual and auditory headache effects, which could be inconsistent in strength/appearance when loading from a previous, save.


Mayhem In Single Valley: Demo Windows (v1.2.4) 49 MB
Jul 22, 2017
Mayhem In Single Valley: Demo Mac (v1.2.4) 56 MB
Jul 22, 2017
Mayhem In Single Valley: Demo Linux (v1.2.4) 53 MB
Jul 22, 2017

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